Special Asian Art Exhibitions at the DAM


Linking Asia: Art, Trade, and Devotion

Open through April 1, 2018

Hamilton Building - Level 1
Included in general admission

Garuda, Indonesia, Bali, about 1875. Polychromed wood; 29 x 18 x 17-1/4 in. Denver Art Museum: Purchase for the Frederic H. Douglas Collection, 1956.8.

Explore how trade routes inspired and influenced art over time and across the Asian continent. Linking Asia: Art, Trade, and Devotion features approximately 150 sculptures, ceramics, textiles, scrolls, and other multi-dimensional works from 20 countries that span 2,000 years.

Linking Asia dives deeper into the exchange of ideas, beliefs, and techniques along trade routes including the Silk Road, which profoundly affected the development of Asian art. The presentation considers themes such as artistic inspiration and cross-cultural hybridization of styles, trade by land and sea, ink art trends in East Asia, and religious links before the twentieth century.

Works on view from the DAM’s Asian art collection include visitor favorite Shiva, King of Dancers (Shiva Nataraja) and many on view for the first time, such as objects from three shipwrecks.

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Eyes On: Xiaoze Xie

Open through July 8, 2018

Hamilton Building - Level 4
Included in general admission


Xiaoze Xie, Transience (video still), 2011. Single-channel video with sound. Duration: 12 min. 32 sec. Courtesy of the artist and Chambers Fine Art. © Xiaoze Xie.


Xiaoze Xie has a lifelong passion for books. In his worldview, books are conveyers of prestige and signifiers of collective cultural knowledge: repositories of historical meaning, cultural conflict, and political strife. For Eyes On: Xiaoze Xie, the artist has created still-life paintings of books, videos, and installations based on banned and forbidden books in China.

Born in a small town in Guangdong Province, China, at the beginning of the Chinese Cultural Revolution in 1966, Xie now splits his time between studios in Beijing and Palo Alto, California, where he is the Paul L. & Phyllis Wattis Professor of Art at Stanford University.

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Ganesha: The Playful Protector

Open through October 28, 2018

Hamilton Building - Level 2
Included in general admission


Ganesha, 600s-700s, Cambodia. Sandstone; 29 x 25 in. Lent by the National Museum of Cambodia.


Ganesha: The Playful Protector is developed in collaboration with the National Museum of Cambodia in Phnom Penh, which is loaning a statue of Ganesha created in 600 to 700s that is the centerpiece of the exhibition.

The 29-inch tall cross-legged figure, featuring human arms and an elephant head, is known as one of the earliest Ganesha icons in mainland Southeast Asia. This significant pre-Angkor artwork will be on view along with sculptures, paintings, and textiles from the DAM's own collection of ancient to modern representations of the Hindu deity.

Ganesha, who has been widely worshiped since the 400s, originated in India as a Hindu god who removes obstacles and is known for granting wealth and success. Ganesha has crossed both geographic and religious boundaries, inspiring numerous representations throughout the Asian subcontinent over time--all of which will be surveyed in the exhibition to showcase the iconographic changes of this popular god.

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